This year FL.ROC Trails Series is comprised of the following 6 events:


  • May 21, 2016 - Seminole State Full Moon 10 Miler

  • August 20, 2016 - Clermont Clay Loop Howl at the Moon 10 Miler

  • October 15, 2016 - Little Big Econ Half Marathon

  • November 12, 2016 - Spruce Creek Half Marathon

  • December 31, 2016 - Princess Place Half Marathon

  • February 18 2017 - Clermont Clay Loop 10 Miler


Points will only be allotted to the longer distance race if there are two options at that location.  For example, at the Little Big Econ Half Marathon and 5 Mile, only the half marathon will receive series points.




The series results will be scored according to Age-Graded Standards. (All events will be scored normally at the event and awards given accordingly, Age-Graded results only apply to Series Points)


What is Age-Graded Results you ask?


Age-Graded Results level the playing field.  It basically takes all of the results from that day, in that particular race distance, then calculates that performance to the participants age.  Therefore, it trys to calculate what the current time for a 50 year old, or 45 year old would have been at their prime (25 years old).  Therefore for most runners past their mid-20s, times are normally adjusted downward. Here is an example of how our past Little Big Econ race was and would have been scored:


Actual                                                             Age Graded

1.  Brian Sharbono, 33,   1:32:05                         Keith Snodgrass, 50, 1:25:33

2. Keith Snodgrass, 50, 1:35:28                          Jody Marolf, 52, 1:30:17

3. Andres Perez, 36, 1:42:11                               Brian Sharbono, 33, 1:31:59

4. Jody Marolf, 52, 1:42:31                                Andres Perez, 36, 1:41:22


Here is a link from RunnersWorld with more info and a calculator.




There is no minimum in the amount of races you need to race.  If you show up and win a race, that might be enough to get you in the overall standings at the end of the series.  Or, you might need to show up and win points at all six.  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.


Points Breakdown (Age Graded)


1st Place - 10 points

2nd Place - 7 points

3rd Place - 5 points

4th Place - 3 points

5th Place - 1 point




At the end of the series the points will be tallied and the highest total wins.  Top 5 Male & Female will win awards/prizes.




1st Place - FREE Entry to next years Series (5-6 races) $250 - $300 value

2nd Place - 4 FREE race entries to next years Series $200 value

3rd Place - 3 FREE race entries to next years Series $150 value

4th Place - 2 FREE race entries to next years Series $100 value

5th Place - 1 FREE race entry to next years Series $50